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Work with our team to define business strategies and goals supported by the right project scope.
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Deploy and scale solutions on time and on budget, backed up with on going solutions support up to 24/7.
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We offer a complete range of IoT, Analytics and AI/ML services from Strategy & Solutions Design, though to Development and Operations.

Define your Strategy and Strategic Intents

“Strategy is a deployable decision-making framework, enabling action to achieve desired outcomes, constrained by current capabilities, coherently aligned to the existing context.” - Stephen Bungay – The Art ofAction
A good strategy should transcend the iterations of features, focusing more on high-level goals and vision. A good strategy should sustain an organization for years.

When organizations approach strategy as a plan, they often fail to achieve what they expected. This failure stems from actions taken to fill the gaps that exist between Outcomes, Plans & Actions
What we do
Working with your organization, Skylytics helps identify Strategic, Knowledge, Alignment & Effects gaps to create Strategies. Strategies are interconnecting stories told through an organization that explain the objective and outcomes, tailored to a specific timeframe.

Strategic Deployment is about setting the right level of goals & objectives throughout an organization so that teams can act.

Delivering business outcomes not just features

By 2022 50% of Business will incorporate continuous intelligence using real-time context data to improve decisions.
Is your business ready for the 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data created every day that must be processed, analyzed and potentially acted upon?

To remain competitive, let alone relevant, organizations today require solutions that deliver real business value, not just feature sets.
What we do
Our team utilizes design thinking in conjunction with deep business and technical acumen to aid our clients’ efforts in capturing the right insight needed to achieve business outcomes.

Skylytics provides a full range of solution services from Strategy, Discovery & Design through to Build & Delivery. We understand the complexities of modern solutions and work alongside our clients to ensure the right solution for them.
Managed Services

Our team is your team

80% of company’s state IoT & Analytics skills shortages are a major inhibitor to success.
Occasionally every organizations just needs a little help, be that for a few weeks or even a few months.

Skylytics is here to help in those times.
What we do
With a scalable team, both on and near-shore, Skylytics can provide that help on terms that make sense to you.

Solution delivery is only half the answer

Continuous Intelligence demands continuous support.
In an increasingly connected word, successfully delivering a solution is only half the story. Once deployed, solutions require a level of operational support that is ever evolving.

For example, in the world of AI, the effectiveness of any well-built and trained model will erode and become less effective over time.

What we do
Skylytics provides on-going support and maintenance for all the solutions it delivers. We offer support options up to 24/7 depending on your needs.

For AI solutions we work with clients to continually enhance and deploy trained models as inputs and situations change resulting from consumer behavior and changes in market or line of business dynamics.
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