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Achieving OEE through IoT and Analytics for a Manufacturing Company

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Solving the Need with a Trusted Losant IoT Developer

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McClancy Foods and Flavors is the world's premier food product innovation and manufacturing company with a history spanning almost 70 years. They sought clarity into their manufacturing process and wanted to gain more visibility into their production line, how much they were producing, how much was getting rejected, and more to better understand their overall equipment effectiveness.

While McClancy had already purchased the hardware, they needed an expert partner to help them implement it to collect the right data. When their previous partner had failed to meet their needs, McClancy reached out to their IoT platform provider, Losant, who recommended that they work with us at Skylytics. Our team came in and worked closely with McClancy to “right the ship,” putting in place the relevant data capture pieces to help inform their business decisions.

As a Losant partner, we were able to hit the ground running and deliver an IoT solution that exceeded the client’s expectations. Collaborating closely with the client, the Skylytics team identified their challenges and developed a solution to track critical data, including:

- Daily product output

- Production line costs 

- Machinery efficiency 

- Breakdown causes

- And more

The results have been very positive. We've been able to make some key business manufacturing decisions from the data that's provided on the dashboard. Skylytics has given us the tools we need to help run our business more effectively.
Financial Executive
Food Product Manufacturer

Our approach

Showcasing the success of the IoT setup, McClancy’s CEO purchased and installed six (6) TVs in the manufacturing facility, including the executive offices, to share the information on real-time dashboards. This allows not just management but employees in the facility to have visibility into their operational effectiveness throughout the day. In addition to these dashboards, McClancy wanted to create reports to better utilize the data they were collecting daily. To make this possible, we worked with them on a continuous intelligence solution by integrating Power BI, a Microsoft data analytics software platform. McClancy is now able to leverage the data collected to analyze the business and create new business solutions and processes. With the help of the Skylytics team, McClancy’s CEO and finance department are able to make data-driven decisions with the analysis through Power BI. How did McClancy benefit from their continuous intelligence solution? McClancy is now able to:
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Understand production costs

Get an accurate understanding of their production costs as impacted by yield, rejects, run rate, downtime, cost per pound and more so that they can keep improving efficiency.

Track machine maintenance needs

Track machine maintenance needs and the time it takes to resolve any issues, so that they can predict maintenance needs in the future and avoid production delays.

Consolidate and organize data

Consolidate and organize their data in Power BI for even more in-depth analysis.

Achieve improved OEE

Achieve greater overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by understanding the capability of each piece of machinery and continually optimizing the process.
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