Losant IoT Platform

An application enablement platform that allows organizations to build IoT applications that securely scale to millions of devices

Skylytics is proud to be the official reseller for Losant's IoT Platform

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform is an application enablement platform that allows enterprises to build IoT products, services, and applications that securely scale to millions of devices. We enable IoT solution building for our Fortune 500 clients that vary in industry and includes telecommunications, manufacturing, and industrial IoT. Discover how Skylytics' software developers built, tested, and deployed geofencing functionality to a construction client's IoT platform.

Our platform provides application foundations for many use cases, including asset tracking, industrial equipment monitoring, smart environment, and contact tracing. All of Losant’s components; from Edge Compute to End-User Experiences work together to transform data into tailored IoT solutions.  

losant component diagram graphic
Losant Components

Trial the Benefits of Losant

Get full access to Losant’s low-code IoT development platform components for 90 days for a  low one-time fee. Trial Benefits include:

- Ability to use Losant for unlimited Experience Applications, one Losant organization, 100 Losant Users (for development), unlimited Experience users (end-users), 100 Devices & and 1M payloads / 90 day period

- License is valid for 90 days, at the end of the 90 days the trail can to upgrade to a standard Monthly/Annual license or the trial simply expires

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