Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Solution

Gain visibility of equipment, value streams, and production facilities to identify, solve, and prevent downtime and increase revenue.


OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a calculation to measure the percentage of manufacturing time that’s productive. OEE is composed of three other metrics that factor into its overall score—quality, performance, and availability.


OEE is a Calculation of Availability X Quality X Performance

An OEE score of 100 percent demonstrates that an organization is manufacturing design-standard goods as quickly as possible with little to no downtime.

Skylytics OEE solution provides full end-to-end process performance monitoring providing continuous, actionable intelligence to users at any level of an enterprise. Highly accurate, real-time and historical information can  drive  operational efficiencies and help gain a competitive advantage.

real time OEE solution dashboard
Real Time Dashboard

Realtime dashboards provide instant insight into the health of the production process, allowing for planned & un-planned downtime.

real time dashboard showing equipment performance
Realtime Dashboard

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