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Social Media App Development for Restless Network

a safe space for women online
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The social networking and e-learning platform empowering women through information and connection.

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“I started Restless during a difficult period in my life, when I was forced to confront the fact that, while the#MeToo movement has done a lot for women, we have not come far enough. I experienced what it was like to lose my voice, and while I couldn't change my own situation, I did have the opportunity to create a platform that could help elevate as many women's voices as possible. During my own difficult time, I scoured the internet for the answers I needed, but came up empty. That’s why Restless focuses on building connections and resources. I discovered the hard way that these are the two key elements to surviving and thriving, and they are missing in so many of our lives.” - Olivia DeRamus

"Skylytics have proven themselves to be the right team to partner with above and beyond. Working with them has been such a smooth, collaborative experience"
Olivia DeRamus
Restless Magazine

Our approach

Restless were looking for more than just a cookie cutter approach to their solution. Working in partnership with the Founder, we took them through our agile Application Development process to create a truly differentiated offering.
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We created the overall product strategy and roadmap through design led thinking and discovery workshops.


Leveraging an Agile development approach, we delivered both iOS & Android apps as well as custom Analytics and a Back Office portal.


From Wireframes to Final Design, we worked with Restless to create the distinctive experience they were looking for,


We provide on-going support to the 100% cloud based solution, including new build releases and feature roll-outs.
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