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Skylytics® brings clarity to your business by acting as the bridge between continuous intelligence technology and you, interpreting the ones and zeroes to create actionable insights that support your critical decisions.

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Contact Tracing for a Safer Working Environment

As businesses slowly begin to reopen amid COVID-19, maintaining proper social distancing may be challenging for employees as they get back into the workplace. Reducing the risk of exposure and preventing the spread of disease could be more of a challenge for business owners. How do you safely monitor each worker's person-to-person contact while adhering to state and federal guidelines?

Contact tracing technology helps businesses gather proximity data by using beacons placed in small tags. When tags come within range of each other, the beacons estimate how close the tags are to each other and for how long. If an individual becomes sick, a qualified workplace coordinator will have access to their secure cloud application to retrieve the tag bearer's information and real-time contacts over the last two weeks. This data makes it possible for employers to prevent further transmission of the disease.

Businesses now can provide an even safer social working environment for employees by using contact tracing technology. And when it comes to your employees, safeguarding their health is just good business.


A New Approach to Data

In an industry that shifts quickly, the utility sector continues to lead the way in the clean-energy transition as it experiments with newer and more efficient technologies. But the success of this changeover depends on consumers. And building effective incentive programs to encourage them to choose those sustainable options is a key priority.

Creating such programs takes data- a lot of data. Collecting, cleaning, and transforming all of a company's data takes a considerable amount of time, as well as multiple personnel. Data scientists typically spend 80% of their time wrangling raw data before it can be analyzed. This means more time and resources are going to preparing the data than actually examining it. Inefficient methods like this can significantly impact the bottom line.

The Azure® Data Pipeline from Microsoft® is a cloud service that enables complex data from across an organization to be loaded, cleaned, and stored in a central location. Now data can be processed on a larger scale more efficiently and less costly- and without loss of quality.

The Azure® Data Pipeline makes it easier for utility companies to access and analyze all their data to develop impactful incentive programs. As more customers choose to go green, the industry continues to lead the way to a cleaner, brighter future.

A Sustainable Catch

As our world's population continues to grow at a considerable rate, so does our demand for nutritious food. As one of the healthiest proteins to consume, seafood is fast becoming the preferred protein of the global table. The average person eats almost twice as much fish now than 50 years ago. With production expected to surge by a possible 75% over the next three decades, the industry is increasing its efforts to help safeguard this vital food source's sustainability.

The world produces 155 million tons of seafood per year. Sadly, an estimated 35% gets lost or wasted. Inefficiencies in equipment usage and production line configurations are part of the problem. So, companies are turning to smart-enabled processes to improve operations. Using data gathered from sensors fitted to equipment, they can follow their machines' real-time usage to predict servicing needs, avoid equipment failures, and maximize workflow.

By applying predictive analytics, seafood companies are now optimizing their processes and significantly reducing food waste. These higher yields will help ensure that families will enjoy the goodness of fish for generations to come.

We provide business clarity through continuous intelligence solutions

Let’s build a toolkit for a successful business.

    • Well developed descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics can be a game changer for organizations of any size as they seek to become better producers and consumers of insight derived from internal and external data. We work side by side with clients to develop analytics that align with their business strategies to identify opportunities for top line revenue growth and expense optimizations.

    • Our team utilizes design thinking in conjunction with deep business and technical acumen to aid our clients’ efforts in capturing the right insight needed to achieve business outcomes. We provide services to support clients from ideation through to deployment on an ongoing and special project basis.

    • Data sprawl and process friction results in reduced effectiveness of organizational data initiatives. They lead to higher costs, increased time to market, out of date inputs, and a reduction in model effectiveness. We work with our clients to increase data velocity and reduce friction through with effective use of automation and governance. We implement and manage data engineering functions for our clients, from the point of data acquisition through to data deployment.

    • Skylytics® provides a full range of solution services from Strategy, Discovery & Design through to Build & Delivery. We understand the complexities of modern solutions and work alongside our clients to ensure the right solution for them.

    • Utilizing design thinking we work with our clients from ideation through to model deployment. We work with clients to identify and acquire the right data to achieve the desired outcomes. Our cloud based approach allows us to start small and scale quickly without large investments in software and resources.

    • IoT solutions can be both complex and challenging to deliver. skylytics®, along with its hardware partners, brings a wealth of experience to ensure the right solutions are delivered to provide real business value and not just science experiments. Leveraging key platforms such as Microsoft® Azure® & Losant® IoT to shorten time to market & value.

    • With its highly skilled software team, skylytics® provides its clients with the technical ability to deliver software solutions & projects ranging from Mobile Apps to Enterprise web, Data Integration, and Cloud Migration.

    • Through the use of Cloud technologies, skylytics® is able to deploy scalable solutions for all sized organizations rapidly and with minimum disruption & cost.

    • The effectiveness of any well-built and trained model will erode and become less effective over time. We work with clients to continually enhance and deploy trained models as inputs and situations change resulting from consumer behavior and changes in market or line of business dynamics.

    • Delivering a solution is only half the answer. skylytics® provides on-going support and maintenance for the solutions it delivers. We offer support options up to 24/7 depending on your needs.

    • Sometimes organizations just need a little help, be that for a few weeks or even a few months. With a scalable team, skylytics® can provide that help on terms that make sense to you.

  • Microsoft Gold Certified
  • Azure
  • Losant

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