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Data Analysis for an Online Gaming Company

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Fixing the fundamentals

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Mobile gaming has become a huge industry over recent years. This client is at the forefront of Pay-To-Play mobile gaming and was looking to rapidly expand by securing a funding round. In order to successfully raise funds they required 100% confidence in their data & metrics, which they didn't have. Previous organizations had worked with the client but had been unable to prove the data. Working with Skylytics, this client was not only able to achieve the level of accuracy needed, but also went on to successfully close a funding round. Skylytics was able to reduce the client's burn rate by 15%, increase app performance by 50% and provide 100% data accuracy.


Our approach

Data integrity was vital to this client as they went through a funding round. Presenting invalid SaaS metrics to potential investors was not an option. By leveraging our Data Science and Cloud architecture expertise, Skylytics performed an end to end analysis of their data pipeline, data storage, and cloud infrastructure.
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Fixed Data Integrity Issues

Performed a Deep data analysis to validate data sources and to verify overall metric calculations to ensure 100% data accuracy of the clients SaaS metrics.

Reduced Overall Burn Rate

Skylytics reviewed the clients Cloud architecture and proposed architectural changes that reduced overall burn rate by 15%.

Improved App Performance

Skylytics reviewed the clients Cloud architecture and proposed architectural changes that increased App performance by 50%.

Increased Market Valuation

By combining the two previous activities, the client was able to close a successful funding round resulting in an increased market valuation.
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