Conversational AI Accelerator

Quickly Deploy Your First Effective AI Use Case

Conversational AI Accelerator

Our conversational AI Accelerator, powered by Azure OpenAI, can quickly be implemented to enhance employee or customer experiences by allowing them to chat with documents widely distributed within your organization or publicly available on your website. By allowing employees and customers to chat with your content, you save valuable time and resources while improving response times and accuracy. Utilizing Large Language Models (LLM), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) capabilities, all combined with your content, the service understands inquiries and provides personalized solutions.

Typical Use Cases Implemented:

Employees chat with: Company Faq's, HR Policies, Employee Handbook, Employee Benefits and Open Enrollment Options

Customers chat with: Product Descriptions, Support Documentation, Installation Instructions, How To's, Parts Lists, Articles, Reviews

Skylytics analysts and engineers work with your team to quickly:

  • Select a customer or employee use case to use with Azure OpenAI
  • Identify the content employees or customers frequently interact with to answer their inquiries
  • Decide where the AI capabilities will be deployed/integrated
  • Deploy the secure technical solution

Key Benefits

  • Quick and Safe way to start the AI Journey
  • Speed to value
  • Increase Customer and Employee Satisfaction
  • Greatly reduce the need for human intervention to ask complex questions
  • The investment made in documentation will yield benefit

Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast!

We don't stop there, together we can expand your solution capabilities. We can extend your use of Azure OpenAI to both customer and employee use cases. Implementing fined grained content access control with Microsoft Entra ID Integration enables a foundation to expand the use of OpenAI in all areas of your organization. Dynamic content loading can be implemented to continually expand your capabilities. Database tables can even be deployed to allow appropriate users to ask questions of data stored in databases without having to write reports or the complex sql themselves. There is great potential for the use of OpenAI in your organization and others.

Is this safe, what about my data? I heard they take your data and questions to train their models?

Your prompts (inputs) and completions (outputs), your embeddings, and your training data:

  • Are NOT available to other customers.
  • Are NOT available to OpenAI.
  • Are NOT used to improve OpenAI models.
  • Are NOT used to improve any Microsoft or 3rd party products or services.
  • Are NOT used for automatically improving Azure OpenAI models for your use in your resource (The models are stateless, unless you explicitly fine-tune models with your training data).
  • Your fine-tuned Azure OpenAI models are available exclusively for your use.

TheAzure OpenAI Service is fully controlled by Microsoft; Microsoft hosts the OpenAI models in Microsoft’s Azure environment and the Service does NOTinteract with any services operated by OpenAI (e.g.ChatGPT, or the OpenAI API).


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