Safercontact: Workplace Contact Tracing

During uncertain times, how do you ensure employee safety while effectively conducting business?

Anonymous Contact Tracing In The Workplace

The health and well-being of your business and those who work there is paramount. Safercontact offers a dynamic contact tracing solution that is secure, accurate, scalable, and anonymous.

Safercontact uses proximity-sensing technology that monitors social distance without identity or location information. This way, personal privacy is protected, so employees feel safe, not tracked.

How it Works

Safercontact utilizes dedicated Tracing Tags, either ultra-wideband (UWB) and/or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), along with gateways to monitor proximity and duration of closeness. Each Tag captures real-time proximity data and maintains a contact list of interactions with other Tags. When the Tag comes within range of a gateway, the contact list syncs with the safercontact application. The safercontact application allows authorized users to quickly and effectively identify potential exposure and risk. Dedicated cloud environments store the safercontact data. Whether you have 5 employees or 50,000, safercontact is the solution.

Tag Recognition
Tag Recognition

When a Tag comes into range of another Tag, they synchronize and add to their contact lists. Tags will alert users if they are closer than allowed through both audible and visual cues.

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Data Upload Cycle

When a Tag gets within the range of a gateway it uploads the contact list to the safercontact application dashboard stored on a dedicated and secure cloud environment.

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Dynamic Anonymized Tracing

The visual contact tracing map allows for effective exposure risk evaluations by authorized users.

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