Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Pharma

Translate your data into real world business solutions when you combine your data centers into one central hub with Skylytics.

Automate Workflows and Pharmaceutical Business Decisions

Simplify your workday and optimize decision-making by pulling all your data into a single, centralized location. Instead of needing to log into multiple programs, Skylytics creates a personalized dashboard where all your most-used data lives. This way, you can:

  • Calculate performance to improve market share and evolution index
  • Create a reliable sales forecast to ensure accurate demand planning
  • Automatically download information from distributor sites

Our dashboards also use machine learning to automate decisions based on past situations, responses, and outcomes. We take tasks off your plate, while making it easier to do the work that matters most.

Identify Key Pharma Insights with a Centralized Data Hub

Are you missing key insights because your pharma data is segmented into different tools? True value comes from combining data centers to identify new analytic alignments. Our centralized dashboards pull and display data from:

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • And More

When you view these data simultaneously, the new patterns and trends that emerge can drive decisions at all four stages of what we call the pharma data analytics initiative roadmap.

Descriptive Analytics

Generate reports and dashboards that help you better know current market trends in the pharmaceutical industry and make informed, data-driven decisions. We automate the integration of your multiple data sources to create a centralized and reliable repository with dynamic visualizations that are easy-to-understand and act on. 

Diagnostic Analytics

Dig deeper into the data and discover hidden connections so you can understand consumption patterns, track sales, and optimize the pharma supply chain. Diagnostic analytics helps you to identify emerging trends and growth opportunities, improve inventory management, minimize waste, and more. 

Predictive Analytics

Machine learning and statistical techniques allow you to anticipate demand and empower you to boost production planning and distribution.  Accurate prediction of demand can literally put you ahead of the curve, so you can outperform the competition at all areas of the sales and distribution lifecycle. 

Prescriptive Analytics

Conquer the market in groundbreaking ways and improve ROI by optimizing market and promotion strategies. Utilize pharmaceutical data analytics to design personalized patient treatment plans based on their individual characteristics and potential risks. You can also maximize market penetration by making data-driven decisions based on the effectiveness of your marketing tactics.  

Data Analytics for Pharmaceutical Sales Distribution 

Begin your journey toward simplified business decisions that make a big difference. We’ll work with you to create a unique hub of all your most frequently-used pharmaceutical data. Then, we’ll build a dashboard that provides the key insights you need to optimize production and maximize sales. Contact Skylytics today!

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