Free Training Resources for PowerBI, Qlik, and Tableau

For new and experienced users alike there are a very large number of free resources to take advantage of online. Here are a few to consider and start with.

There are a lot of great free trainings and other resources out there on the interweb! New users can take advantage of these to gain in demand skills and skilled users can use them to polish their skills or as a quick reference. I find these all useful when working on something that I might not use everyday, especially with something like DAX.

Along with the items below a couple other good resources are each tools' reddit page as well as stackoverflow.

If you are in the process evaluating each tool it can be interesting to look at the amount of engagement each has in terms of the number of members and questions asked on each platform. When we talk to clients we note this as a datapoint.

If you or your organization need more individual attention we offer dedicated resources from a week per month to fulltime. Our Engineers can support you and your business from Data Engineering through building reports and visualizations to deliver business value.

Please drop us a note or book some time and we can talk about your need.

Free Vendor Training:




Great PowerBI Resources on YouTube:


Enterprise DNA

Online Communities:




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